An open letter to McVitie’s

Dear McVitie’s,

I think you are fabulous. You create two of my favourite biscuits: the chocolate hobnob with all its crumbly oaty chocolatey goodness; and the chocolate caramel digestive, which is decadently gooey, tasty and crunchy.

I have a suggestion for you, which I think could make you very rich indeed (richer than you already are, of course). Introducing the love child of these two most excellent biscuits: The Chocolate Caramel Hobnob. Seriously, why does it not exist?! What’s not to love? I’ve been talking about this for years (amongst other things) and I believe the time has finally come to bring this wonderful idea to your attention.

I would, of course, be willing to help out with any taste testings.

Yours Sincerely,


PS – everyone I have mentioned this to thinks it’s a great idea: the nation is right behind you!

2 thoughts to “An open letter to McVitie’s”

  1. I’m sorry, I cannot support this further bastardization of biscuits. The plain digestive and the plain Hobnob are both excellent biscuits, and both are indeed improved by the addition of chocolate. However, the introduction of caramel to the chocolate Hobnob was clearly a failed experiment. It should not be allowed to persist further and certainly shouldn’t be permitted to pollute the Hobnob. I would be horrified if the biscuit world were to continue down the same route as Walkers crisps – selling quavers and Doritos in a single bag? What is the world coming to?

  2. Indeed one could see a dystopian future wherein McVities start a ‘choose your own flavour’ campaign and we get all sorts of nonsense like Curry or Fish-and-chip flavoured hobnobs. Disaster.

    Even putting sugar in it is too much, in my opinion.

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