I can bake a rainbow (ii)….

Following the joy of my rainbow cupcakes I decided to make a full size rainbow cake. It took me about two years. Not to make it (that would be a serious commitment, and would raise many questions I’m sure), but to finally get round to doing it. I searched around for the best recipe and settled on this recipe.

It’s a good recipe – clear and simple to follow, and one which I’d recommend using. I only had two cake tins of the same size so that could have slowed down the proceedings a little. But actually I got quite a good system going whereby I did the colouring for one set of batter, put it in the tin and into the oven and set the timer. Then I moved on to the second set of batter and did the same thing. By the time the third set of batter had been coloured the first cake tin was almost ready to be used again.

A couple of comments on the recipe:

– I used slightly larger cake tins than Kerry did, which meant that my cake, although still huge, was less tall and more wide – slightly closer to a ‘normal’ cake size.
– Definitely follow her recommendations when it comes to the type of food colouring you use. I wanted to get on straight away so just used the best stuff I could find in the supermarket. As you can see from the picture, my green is still sludgey. And the red is too dark. And the orange isn’t bright enough….I have now purchased the ones she recommended and look forward to doing some more colour experiments.
– I made the icing the way she said and it was really runny, unless I mis-read something, which is highly possible. Next time I will use more icing sugar and less cream cheese.
– Do trim the sponges down on top so that they are flat. Otherwise the cake will be much thicker in the middle and will have lots of gaps between the layers round the edges. (Although these are fairly easily filled with more icing).

Throughout the process (which, incidentally, is best done over two days) I had many doubts as to how this cake would turn out, both in terms of look and taste, but I’ll tell you what – it was brilliant! My friends were suitably impressed, especially as none of them were expecting a rainbow when it was cut into. And the taste was good too. I was worried you would be able to taste the food colouring, as I’d had to use so much, but that wasn’t a problem. The only real issue with the finished product was that the colours weren’t what they could have been but a) next time they will be better and b) my friends aren’t fussy!

Thanks Kerry for the recipe. 🙂

4 thoughts to “I can bake a rainbow (ii)….”

  1. Did you use reduced fat cream cheese for the icing? If so that is why it ended up runny, I’ve made a very similar icing before and when I used full fat cream cheese it worked brilliantly but went seriously runny with a low fat alternative.

  2. Ah good shout – thanks. I did indeed use low fat cream cheese. That will teach me for trying to cut corners on the calories 😉

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