I can bake a rainbow…

I love colour. And I love baking. A couple of years back I decided that making rainbow cupcakes would be an excellent use of an evening. And it was. I used a regular cupcake recipe, then divided the batter in to 6 ramekins. (Yes, I know there are 7 colours in the rainbow strictly speaking). Using food colouring I dyed each tiny pot of batter a different colour of the rainbow. Then I set about filling the cupcake cases. A tiny amount of purple in the bottom of each case, put in and spread using a teaspoon. Then a tiny amount of blue, applied even more carefully so it doesn’t mix with the purple. Then green, then yellow, then orange and then red.

Pop them in the oven (carefully!) and bake as usual. It’s fiddly work, but the results are really fun. Especially when you bite in to the cake, and then when you see the dye on the case afterwards.

rainbow cup cake 2rainbow cup cake


If you want to be really precise with the size of the stripes you’d need to do some clever maths, or some approximation. Obviously the cupcakes are wider at the top, so the same amount of batter will produce a thinner stripe than it would lower down. For this reason you would need to make more batter of the colour on the top, and a little bit less of each one going down to the bottom colour. To be honest I just did it by eye. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked.

The colours aren’t perfect either – especially the slightly sludgy looking green. But I’m working on that…

I also made these with fewer colours on another occasion – stripey cakes. Pick your friend’s favourite colours / colours of their sports team and make them a set for their birthday. 🙂

More recently I made a large rainbow cake, something I had been planning to do since I first started making the cupcakes….more about that later….

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