Mashed Potato…in a cake?!

My friend is coming round for afternoon tea but she has recently gone gluten free. I can’t go to any of my go to recipes and I don’t have any gluten free flour in the cupboard. I have a scroll through some websites and come across a nice looking gluten free lemon drizzle cake. Scanning my eyes down the list of ingredients one thing jumps out at me – mashed potato! Mashed potato – in a cake – is this a thing?! When did this become a thing? Potato cakes as a savoury item, sure, but in a sweet cake? Well, always (or perhaps just sometimes) one for adventure I decide to give it a go.

Happily I have some potatoes in the cupboard, so that saves a trip to the shops (incidentally, had I gone to the shop I would probably have just bought gluten free flour instead). I think the idea is that you have some left-over mashed potato that you use, but I don’t have any so I set about peeling and boiling and mashing the potatoes. Then I make a cake, and put the mashed potatoes in (once they are cool). I bake the cake and feed it to my friends and make them guess what’s in it. They have no idea.

And you know what, it doesn’t taste too bad. A little on the solid side perhaps (I would add some more baking powder next time), but a good tasting cake. It tastes like a lemon drizzle cake and you definitely can’t tell it’s got mashed potato in.

Here’s the recipe I used if you want to give it a go:

3 thoughts to “Mashed Potato…in a cake?!”

  1. Delighted to gave inspired a blog post!! A very satisfying cake, in spite of its odd additional ingredient & hugely fun to make people guess the mystery element. Thank you so or being such an obliging hostess too! #gultenfree

  2. I too was looking for a gluten free cake recipe, when I stumbled across your comment on the recipe’s site. Hang on a minute, I know you! Long time no speak, but hope you are happy and well. All good here.

    Thanks for the feedback. I might give it a shot at the weekend.

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