Craft beer advent calendar 1: Meantime London Pale Ale

So I was given a lovely (and slightly daunting) present for my birthday – a craft beer advent calendar. My aim isn’t to make a big deal with long posts, or I won’t do it, but it was a fun idea and so I’m going to record my thoughts for the blog.


As a bit of background, I do like craft beer, and I have tried a good few, but I don’t consider myself to be particularly knowledgeable. I like the taste of a decently strong ale, but I don’t consider myself to have been exposed to a lot of variety.

So today’s advent calendar ale is Meantime London Pale Ale. I’ve had this one before (I think in rather trendy bars and restaurants). It describes itself as ‘brewed with Cascade, Centennial and Kentish Golding’, which are apparently hops. I like that the bottle doesn’t do anything else in a self-aggrandising way.img_20161201_200118-copy

It’s pretty pale, though I don’t know if that’s really anything to do with the pale ale meaning. It’s also 4.3%.



Its aroma was pretty light, with, a bit of bitterness and a bit of…honey? (I was swilling it around in the tasting glass that came with it.


Tasting it, I found it to be light and a bit bitter. It doesn’t have much body, and it’s really fizzy. Well, not as much as a soft drink but there is a kind of spikiness that I wouldn’t normally associate with ale (though I half remember that all ale is carbonated artificially? I should really get googling, but I’d rather just keep on typing in this kind of stream-of-consciousness manner).

As I go down the glass there is a bit more in the way of fruit, perhaps peach, or something similar. It’s satisfyingly bitter, without being too much so. But it really doesn’t taste of enough (and I’m not even drinking it particularly cold – probably around 12C).

All in all: good, but not especially great. I won’t give a score yet, because I don’t have to have anything to compare it to. When I do, I’ll come back and edit this page.

Edit: After some more days for comparison, I’m giving this a 6.5/10.

And now to present:

Kat’s Opinions

Note that Kat is making these opinions having not seen mine…and that she has the most miniscule taste.

It smells light and slightly fruity. [The face is uncertain.] The taste is quite light. And beery. It’s probably worth noting that I don’t drink beer. [She drinks cider, or radler-style drinks.] It feels quite frothy in the mouth – I don’t know if that’s normal for beer. I need some tea.

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