Craft beer advent calendar 10: Meantime Yakima Red

Well here was me thinking incorrectly that Meantime was a London-based brewery. Turns out that it is, but it doesn’t just do British-grown beer. The Yakima Red, despite sounding like a species of Japanese tree, is in fact a deeply rust coloured beer from hops grown in Washington State to produce a 4.1% beer.

It’s got a pretty hoppy aroma to it, and does rather feel like it’s got ‘craft beer’ written all over it (not literally). At first and following tastes it does have a strong hop body to it, although it doesn’t overwhelm you; it has enough of other things going on (a bit of grapefruit and other citrus).

It grows on me as I drink it to the point where I think I’ll give it a 7.5 (the first of the advent calendar beers to breach 7). I do like it and wouldn’t mind finding some more of this around if it were available and not too expensive!

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