Craft beer advent calendar 11: Yardbird Pale Ale

Tonight’s ale is again from Greene King, and it looks like a pretty balanced one, with a golden colour. In fact. it almost looks rather like a lager. On the nose, interestingly, is a hint of white wine-type aromas – maybe grass and citrus fruit? – and a gentle feel.

On tasting it is really subtle but in a good way, not a watery way. It’s a 4% pale ale with a bit of character, but not in a bold way (which is contrary to how it describes itself.And I have no idea what a Yardbird is, or why there is a treble clef on the label. It gets a 7.

Kat’s thoughts

Not very fizzy; it’s light in colour but has quite a strong taste that I don’t like. It’s quite bitter and not fruity.

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