Craft beer advent calendar 13: Mann’s Brown Ale

Well, until tonight I only knew about one Brown Ale, and that was from Newcastle. Mann’s is a London brewery (so a little closer to home and without such a thick accent), and apparently the original Brown Ale (stated by the label and verified by the source of truth: Wikipedia).

Of course, visiting the Wikipedia page meant that I learned that the term Brown Ale doesn’t really mean anything except the colour, because apparently there are a variety of styles of Brown Ale.

This one looks dark, surprisingly so for a 2.8% beer (yes, I’m sure the colour isn’t related to alcohol content, but it’s a link that seems to linger in my mind). I expect it to be nutty, but it isn’t; the aroma is pretty mild. On first taste, it’s creamy and sweet, with a slightly ‘toasted’ feel to it. Quite a good beer, but a little too sweet for me. It gets a 6.

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