Craft beer advent calendar 14: Holden’s Black Country Mild

Okay, so I’m a few days behind at this point. For my own health reasons I didn’t like the idea of not giving myself a rest from alcohol so there have been a few days where I must confess I’ve done more than one beer and posted it the next day, and at this point I have had a couple of days off – and in fact having opened two doors I am now no longer even sure if this is 14 or 15…

Today’s (two days ago’s) is Holden’s Black Country Mild, a brewery and a beer that I’ve never heard of before. Pouring it out it looks dark and the whole thing has rather a traditional feel to it. On the nose there is a slightly metallic note to it; that’s not there in the taste but it is robust and rather bitter. It really fills the mouth with the flavour but I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan, so this 3.7% beer gets a 6.

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