Craft beer advent calendar 15: Young’s double chocolate

Levelling with you, tonight I’m going to be doing two at once. But so as not to mess with the numbering system I’m recording them in separate posts.

First up is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, which also weighs in at 5.2%. It’s a tricky one to start with because the next one looks a little lighter, but here we go. It’s very dark, as you’d expect from a stout and does have a slight chocolateyness to it on the nose. I’m not actually a huge fan of chocolate in general, but this is on the darker side anyway so it’s pretty acceptable.

Taste wise it has a toasty, nutty and possibly a bit of a coffee flavour. Carrying on with the beer, though, it’s not that strongly flavoured. I can see this as an advantage as it doesn’t leave a heavy feeling in the stomach like some of the more famous stouts, but it could do with being a little more robust. On the whole, though, it gets a decent 7.

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