Craft beer advent calendar 20: Andwell Gold Muddler

So this is a blonde ale, which sounds to me like one of those beers which is continental, like Leffe. These are often quite fruity, and might even have a yeasty flavour (even if they’re not white beers). Anyway, the beer is very pale, and doesn’t have that slight opacity that I might have imagined there would be. Maybe I’m misremembering what a blonde beer should be like.

It does have an elderflower-like aroma, and there is certainly a hint of fruit in there. On tasting, it’s mostly what I would describe as ‘fresh’, but again rather too sweet for my liking. There is a taste of golden syrup about it which is unappealing. Maybe I’m getting too picky, but these last few beers have been a bit too much down one flavour path, eschewing balance for something a bit gimmicky.

I was really hoping I’d be able to build up to a crescendo of high scores towards the end of the advent calendar, but I’m a bit disappointed and have to leave this one with a 6.5. I feel like the scores areĀ very crowded.

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