Craft beer advent calendar 21: Williams Joker IPA

Well, this one looks interesting. After a few dodgy beers, we have a ‘wickedly hoppy’ IPA from Williams Brewery in Scotland, weighing in at 5%. I do believe that the hops are one of the key flavours in a good beer (from my one brewery tour ever) so unless this is overhopped then it could be a good one.

On the nose it’s not too bad. I’m getting that familiar lychee aroma but only very faintly. It’s also vaguely chemical as well – really faintly but because it’s not a strong smelling beer putting the nose right in revealed something right at the edge.

On first taste it has a really nice bitter hoppy flavour to it – nothing too intense, but a pleasantly balanced beer. In fact, I’d have liked maybe a bit more intensity to it – it feels just a touch watery to me. It certainly is refreshing (there is an odd edge to it again – like a strange spiciness. Not mustard this time, but something odd). It’s good enough to earn itself a 7.

Kat’s thoughts

Ooh. That’s really light and fruity, and definitely tastes of lychee. Do lots of beers taste of lychee? [Surprisingly, yes] It still has a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste though.

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