Craft beer advent calendar 22: Well’s Banana Bread Beer



Why make it? And why, if someone has to make it, do they have to put it in the craft beer advent calendar?

And why, if you have to put it in, does it need to be on day 22?

I have been looking forward to the advent calendar building up to something special. I am now slightly worried that day 24 will be “Christmas Turkey beer” or something similar. I am sure there are enough beers that they didn’t need to resort to this kind of gimmickry.

Apparently it’s made with real bananas. And you can smell them, as well. It’s not a good thing, when your beer smells of bananas, unless you’re expecting them and looking forward to it. If someone had bought me this pint without telling me what it was, I wouldn’t have tried it. But because I’m writing a blog, I at least have to try it.

It doesn’t taste good either. It’s got a banana taste to it. If you like banana bread or like that sort of thing, then maybe you’ll enjoy it – but I’d recommend you just go and eat a banana loaf. Me, I’m not going to have any more of this beer, and will get something else better to drink out of the fridge. 4/10.

3 thoughts to “Craft beer advent calendar 22: Well’s Banana Bread Beer”

  1. So i gotta comment, this is/was one of my favourite Real Ales (this isn’t a craft ale for a long way). Originally it was made by putting a loaf of bannana bread in the fermentation tank with the beer, giving the yeast a bit of somethung different to go to work on. Last time i had the beer (sold in tesco, so to remove any doubt, this is not a special beer), i noted the change of bottle design, and also that it was now made using banana flavoured extract.

    You should have tried it 5 years ago.

    As far as fruit beers go, I’ve tried plum, strawberry and orange and the banana bread one was by far the most palatable.

    1. I have 2/3 of a bottle still sitting on the side in my kitchen plus about 100ml in my glass which you can have if you want…

      As I have mentioned on this blog, unfortunately I am not a keen bean when it comes to flavoured beers. Even 5 years ago I suspect I would have been the same…although the comparison would have been interesting. Kat suggested it tasted like those banana chewy sweets.

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