Craft beer advent calendar 24: St Nicks Blizzard Brew

Well, here is the last one – the final craft beer. I’m pleased that it’s not plum pudding flavoured, or brewed in a santa hat (do I sound jaded?) but it looks like a solid performer with a Christmas theme.

Pouring it into the glass, it’s apparent that it’s not a beer with a head. But I won’t let that colour my review, because ultimately it’s more about the taste. I do wonder what causes that, though.

On the nose the beer is rather anonymous without really much to say for itself. In fact, this continues into the tasting – its rich colour does not translate into a rich flavour. It’s by no means bad, and (maybe I’m stretching things a bit here) there is just a hint of a snowflake or two in the taste. It is a bit frosty.

It’s supposed to be full-bodied with a distinctive nutty, roasted aroma with a floral nose balanced by a gentle bitterness with a hint of sweetness. All of those flavours aren’t especially apparent but the beer is still pretty good. There is definitely a hint of something roasted (perhaps on an open fire?), but it’s certainly not full bodied – a fizzle rather than a bang. It’s pretty good, though and deserves a solid 7.5.

I may write a reflection or two in the new year nuzzling something interesting from the supermarket. But in the meantime, for anyone reading this, a very merry Christmas to you all!

Edit: At the end of the bottle and the glass, there was some unpleasant-looking sediment (see picture below). Not great, but as it’s Christmas I’ll not dock any points for this.

2 thoughts to “Craft beer advent calendar 24: St Nicks Blizzard Brew”

  1. Sediment in the bottom of a beer isn’t a bad thing, is a good thing! It means it’s bottled conditioned and and adds flavour. A number of these beers are bottled conditioned so you’ve obviously missed it.

  2. I see. I don’t know much about craft beer, so thanks!

    Funnily enough I didn’t notice sediment in any other bottles. But I’m glad to have learned this for…Next year?

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