Craft beer advent calendar 6: Belhaven Scottish Ale

Today’s will be very quick. Belhaven Scottish Ale very proudly asserts its Scottishness, from the thistle on the cap to the St Andrew’s cross to the blue of the bottle.

It’s full of words everywhere (which makes me rather suspicious – let the beer do the talking), but without reading them I went into a taste.

The beer had a lovely rusty colour and very little on the nose. But on sipping the beer was very pleasant, with a nice balance to it. It’s strength (5.2%) I didn’t really love through. That said, it remained somewhat anonymous in the end, which is why it would get no more than 6.5.


Kat’s thoughts

It’s lighter and less fizzy and less bitter. Or maybe perhaps I’m starting to like beer. I actually quite like that.

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