Whisky Advent Calendar 11: Tamdhu 10

Day 11, and we stay in Speyside with the Tamdhu. I think I’ve had this before, but I’m not sure. It’s a rich reddish orange colour; its aroma is vaguely Christmassy – perhaps something like a Christmas pudding. Definitely a few dark fruits.

In fact, the rich aroma is really enticing – I can’t wait to try it! It doesn’t disappoint; like yesterday, it’s got a bit of rye to it, but packing a bit more punch to it. It’s still mild, but it does have the fruity taste that its nose promises.

It’s interesting to have had two Speyside whiskies back to back, and there are definite similarities. Both have the lightness and delicate flavours, but today’s is definitely a bit richer with more depth behind the mildness. I definitely prefer this one; in fact, I wonder if an older Tamdhu would be even more interesting. 8/10

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