Whisky Advent Calendar 13: Wolfburn Aurora

Tonight’s whisky is coming a bit late, but after a bit of internal debate I decided to go for it. I’ve never heard of Wolfburn distillery, but their Aurora single malt is tonight’s offering.

It’s a very pale looking whisky, barely any hint of orange. And the initial aroma is a bit startling; it has a very malty flavour. I’ve been to a whisky distillery, and it has the smell of the ‘mash tun’, the vat where they ferment the malt mash. It’s a bit yeasty, with very little else in there.

Thankfully this yeastiness isn’t there in the taste. Instead you get a nice delicate caramel flavour, with an unusual citrus hint to it. The flavour is very, very light though and hardly there; I get the feeling that perhaps given a bit more time it might become more rounded and interesting. 6/10

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