Whisky Advent Calendar 2: Port Askaig 8

It’s day 2 already, and I eagerly opened the door to today’s whisky to reveal a whisky I haven’t heard of before. It’s called Port Askaig and it labels itself as an Islay 8 year old.

Fiddling off the wax seal on the bottle and opening it, I got an immediate whiff of peat. Looking at the bottle, the whisky is extremely pale, and holding it up to a white surface this whisky is very, very lightly coloured.

The taste is surprisingly mellow given the peaty, smoky nose and the pale colour. This may not be a very old whisky but it’s got a character to it that is more than just smokiness. But it’s not much more – a hint of toffee, perhaps, and something in the background struggling to make itself noticed. But it is a sippable whisky, and I enjoyed the fact that it doesn’t cram peat down your throat. It does make me think that with more age it might get interesting.

Adding a drop of water to it didn’t actually change much. It perhaps brought out a bit more sweetness to it, but not really noticeable.

Ultimately, a clean whisky with a touch of smoke and some possible interest in the background…but not one I can get behind in any strong way. 5/10.

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