Whisky Advent Calendar 3: Monkey Shoulder blend

Day three and we have a blend. Monkey Shoulder is a well-known blended malt whisky from Dufftown. It’s a darkish malt, but has a robust nose of honey and golden syrup, which continues into the taste. It doesn’t really go much beyond that except perhaps a hint of bourbon; it’s very drinkable, but is almost too sweet.

Not really much to say beyond that. It’s unfortunately anonymous, although inoffensive; it doesn’t really challenge the palate at all. It’s perfectly nice, but not much more than that.

At this point in the reviews I feel like pointing out a real design flaw in the wax caps. They come with a little side thing which I guess you’re supposed to pull to unwind a bit of wax and unscrew it. Unfortunately, so far for all three days the wax has just snapped off (despite careful pulling today). Oh well, I can just cut the wax with a knife.

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