Whisky Advent Calendar 8: Glengoyne 15

Well, it’s been a while. Last weekend I was in Warsaw, and unfortunately I ended up on a flight delayed by 4 hours, which should have taken 2 hours but ended up taking 6 and landing in the wrong airport. Long story short, I have been ill this week and not able to review my whiskies.

Unlike last year when catching up with beers was relatively straightforward, I really don’t want to be having a lot of whisky in any given evening. So I will be going at a sensible pace but probably won’t finish the lot before Christmas.

Tonight I get a real joy in having a whisky I know quite well. The Glengoyne would probably be my favourite whisky since a few years ago I was kindly given a bottle of the 18 year old.

The Glengoyne is a little frutier on the nose than I recall, but still has a nice balance to it – a touch of wood and a number of interesting aromas. It is medium amber in colour.

In flavour it is butterscotch and toasted grains, with some of the fruit mentioned earlier as well as spices. Perhaps it’s the Christmas feeling, but it does seem to be seasonal in its flavour. Ultimately a lovely dram with a really good combination of flavours. 9/10.

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