Whisky Advent Calendar 9: The Big Peat

Day 9, and we have another whisky with an emphasis on peat. Not sure why there is such an emphasis on peat in some whiskies, or where these distilleries get their idea to create a really peaty whisky from.

Once again, this is a really pale whisky, and like the previous whisky, it has a strong aroma that you can detect from a way away. This whisky has a strong peaty nose but with a bit more of a nutty and earthy aspect than before.

On tasting the whisky it’s very, very medicinal. It’s not quite as punchy as the previous one, but it’s a bit one-dimensional; there isn’t a huge amount of interest in this whisky. While the peat provides something unusual, it’s a bit of a one-trick pony. Shame, really – I feel like it’s a waste of a whisky. 6/10.

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