World beer advent calendar 1: Warsteiner (Germany)

Yep, the caledar is in the background

Name: Warsteiner

Country of origin: Germany (imported)

Alcohol content: 4.8%

So we begin another year of advent calendars with one of my favourite beers. It was a real treat to open Door 1 and see Warsteiner pop out – it’s one of the few genuinely German imported lagers you can commonly get in the UK.

I’m used to it coming in bottles twice the size but for an advent calendar I’m very happy with the 330ml of German goodness. I often say that my go-to / favourite beers are often German, and better yet – Bavarian beers. And that’s because it’s what I know and love – I have family connections to Allgau, which is in deep Alpine Bavaria.

It’s pale, crisp and dry – really refreshing. Very clean drinking. Honestly, if there were 24 of these, I wouldn’t complain.

9/10 – if only to ensure we have somewhere to go. Cracking start – and I’m hoping we end on a German beer too…

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