World beer advent calendar 11: Stella Artois (Belgium)

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Not even worth a glass…

Name: Stella Artois

Country of origin: Belgium (brewed in UK)

Alc vol: 4.8%

Certain people will, with me, think “reassuringly expensive” when the name Stella. This was the tagline of UK adverts for the beer in the mid ’00s.

This, for me, was once a sign that I was a bit of a lager connoisseur, that I stayed away from Carling and Fosters and had Stella instead. It didn’t take me that long to realise that this is not a lot better than those, though it’s still drinkable (which I wouldn’t say to Carling or Fosters).

But…it’s not good. And I haven’t really had Stella very often for a while. (I think I did have one when I was in Belgium in the spring; I remember thinking that it wasn’t much better in its home country.) It’s worth, therefore, now that I’ve got the chance, to really think why it is that I don’t like it much.

The overall sensation is that it’s okay – if you don’t think about it too much (and yes, I probably think about it too much), it’s fine. But if you’re really looking for flavour, you realise that it hasn’t got hoppiness; it hasn’t got depth; it hasn’t got crisp cleanness. It’s just…fine. It maybe has a few odd flavours. Bitterness without much payback.

So…not really going to win any prizes.


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