World beer advent calendar 19: Amstel (Netherlands)

Name: Amstel

Country of Origin: Netherlands (brewed in the UK)

Alc vol: 4.5%

Going back to the theme of what beers remind me of, Amstel, for me, will always make me think of Champions League football, because there was a time when the Champions league coverage was always sponsored by Amstel (rather than the natural gas company sponsoring it now). I’m not sure I’ve had Amstel very often, but I think of it as a standard European lager – pretty easy drinking, but nothing special.

And I was right – there is nothing really memorable about this. If I was in a European bar I’d feel safe in the knowledge that this was a perfectly drinkable beer, but I wouldn’t remember anything about it. Mind you, this could be because it’s another beer brewed in the UK…

7/10 to be honest, if it’s not causing problems then I’m okay with it.

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