World Beer advent calendar 2: Singha (Thailand)

Beautifully and tastefully lit by my Chromebook

Name: Singha

Country of Origin: Thiland

Alcohol content: 5%

So, I didn’t realise that Singha was from Thailand, but I don’t think I’ve had it many times before. It has a bit more of a head on it than other lagers, but it quickly dissipated.

Sipping it, it’s got a mellow, rounded feel – almost buttery. But very pleasant. It’s a typical lager, again, with no discernibly strong flavours. Pretty nice beer.

Edit: later on it became apparent that there was an oddly chemical aftertaste. This made it a bit unpleasant – changed the score to 6 as a result.

8 6/10 – looking forward to the beers to come!

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