World beer advent calendar 22: Peroni (Italy)

With comparison UK bottle

Name: Peroni

Country of Origin: Italy (imported)

Alc vol: 5.1%

Well, this advent calendar is slightly petering out – though with today’s beer, at least the bottle is unfamiliar if the beer itself isn’t. I’ve not seen Peroni in this kind of bottle; in fact, I had to double check that this was the same type of beer, and it turns out that it is.

But other than that, the beer is exactly the same as other Peronis I’ve had. And I have quite a lot – it’s easily available and one of the better ones (and if you buy Peroni in this country, it’s imported rather than brewed in the UK).

Which is to say that it’s fairly enjoyable. It’s light, has a bit of a hoppy flavour, and is on the refreshing side of things. And if I didn’t have it a lot, I think I’d be happy that it turned up, especially with the flashy bottle.


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