Another food blog…?

Aren’t there enough already?

This blog was born out of lots of conversations with friends and family about why we liked things – why certain flavours worked well, why textures make a huge difference to food, and why complexity is often great but hard to master.

I really don’t like eating mushy food, and I don’t like one-dimensional bland dishes. When it comes to wine, I prefer something interesting than something that is ‘easy to drink’ (surely a straw makes anything easy to drink…?). In a lot of cultures, it seems to me that excellence in preparation and serving of food is something that comes naturally – something that has been in families for generations. I suspect that most Italian people don’t have to think about how to cook pasta so it isn’t overcooked.

So this blog is to record what we love about food, drink, preparation, serving, restaurants and cultures. What ties it all together is that it’s stuff that interests us.

And hopefully some of it will be interesting to you too.

(Featured image: various sushi from the restaurant Sake no Hana)

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