Whisky Advent Calendar 10: Copper Dog

So I’m pleased to have been introduced to a number of new whiskies that I’ve not heard of before. This doesn’t mean they’re not well known particularly – just that I don’t know them!

Today’s whisky is a Speyside whisky that appears to be based out of Craigellachie Hotel. A bit of research shows that indeed it is; it’s a blend of whiskies named by the hotel. It has a rich copper colour too, reddish with a mild nose on it.

At first taste it’s got an equally mild flavour, with a bourbon edge to it – definitely a sense of wood to it. It’s not bad, but a bit bland, really – ultimately a bit missable. 6/10.

Whisky Advent Calendar 6: Auchentoshan Three Wood

It just occurred to me that this might be a golf reference.

I’m really not into golf at all, but I do like the Auchentoshan whiskies that I’ve had. A lowland distillery, this whisky is a good reddish amber colour, I guess most likely an indication of the type of wood used for the casks.

At first sniff I do get a bit of a woody smell – not at all unpleasant or dominant though. A bit earthy without being peaty. On tasting, this note continues and it’s a solid, interesting whisky without too much of any one aspect dominating. It’s very subtle (certainly not overwhelming) and it’s a bit of a refreshing change from the highland caramel and honey fest that had become a bit of a theme. I actually looked up the types of wood which prevents me from guessing but the bourbon casks (which is apparently the first of the three woods used) do have a nice effect.

All in all, a really interesting whisky which it’s worth thinking about as you drink it! 8/10.

Eating and drinking because It’s The Rules

Last week it was St George’s day. So as I usually do on St George’s day, I bought some English ale and had one. Not because I’m fanatically a proud Englishman, but because it’s a bit of fun. (I sometimes have a Guinness on St Patrick’s day.)


That got me thinking about the fact that there are so many little excuses to eat or drink something for a certain day because “it’s tradition”. Off the top of my head:

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