What’s so Great about the Great British Bake Off?

I’ve got a confession to make: this is only the third series of GBBO that I have watched. I’ve known about it from the start, in fact a friend even sent me an application for the first ever series (this was before anyone had any idea of the crazy high skill levels of the bakers!), and I’d watched bits and pieces of the occasional episode here and there but I hadn’t got in to it. I didn’t know the bakers. I didn’t love the bakers. It all seemed, quite frankly, a bit dull. I just didn’t really get it. But two years ago I started watching from the start of the series and became absolutely hooked. I think ‘knowing’ the bakers from the start really helped. As I was driving to work this morning, already looking forward to tonight’s show, I was thinking to myself ‘what is it that makes the GBBO so great?’ So, in no particular order, here are ten of the reasons I love it so:

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