Whisky Advent Calendar 9: The Big Peat

Day 9, and we have another whisky with an emphasis on peat. Not sure why there is such an emphasis on peat in some whiskies, or where these distilleries get their idea to create a really peaty whisky from.

Once again, this is a really pale whisky, and like the previous whisky, it has a strong aroma that you can detect from a way away. This whisky has a strong peaty nose but with a bit more of a nutty and earthy aspect than before.

On tasting the whisky it’s very, very medicinal. It’s not quite as punchy as the previous one, but it’s a bit one-dimensional; there isn’t a huge amount of interest in this whisky. While the peat provides something unusual, it’s a bit of a one-trick pony. Shame, really – I feel like it’s a waste of a whisky. 6/10.

Whisky Advent Calendar 7: Peat’s Beast

So this is a double post in one day, and the reason is I’ve got a bit behind. On Wednesday night I was just too tired from work, on Thursday night I didn’t want to drink because I had an exam the next day, and then on Friday night was the work Christmas do. So I’m catching up (but won’t be fully caught up for a couple of days).

Today’s whisky is known as Peat’s Beast, possibly with a pun intended on the name (Pete?). In any case, I haven’t actually opened it as of writing this because I wanted to record the full impact of the expected peatiness.

The first thing I noticed before opening the bottle is that it’s very, very pale. That’s fine – not a particular issue, but very noticeable. Holding it against some white background:

Actually that looks redder than it does in real life.

Anyway, opening the bottle, yes, you get the immediate slightly medicinal smokiness that slightly reminds me of bonfires, the smell of diesel, and Lapsang Souchong.

I went for an unusual view for my third picture as I’m slightly having trouble with wifi and so used the camera on my Pixel C instead. I do think it looks pretty pale from this angle.

Getting my nose into it again, the smokiness isn’t quite as diesely as before. In fact, it has a certain savoury-ness to it which actually reminds me of a smoky cheese or a smoky sausage.

On taste, it’s like eating smoke, though again with a bit of flavour to it. The cheese bit is actually coming stronger now, and i’m pleased that it’s not intensely smoky¬†and spicy/other flavoured. The peatiness is the main event.

Ultimately, though, I’m going to struggle to really recommend this except perhaps in an ‘academic’ sense…I’m glad I had it, but would be cautious about serving it up to anyone except for interest. 6/10.