I can bake a vibrant rainbow!

Last year I made my first rainbow cake: in many ways it was a great success, but I felt let down by the colours. So I purchased some SugarfIMG_20160526_100138lair paste colours and it’s taken me until now to have a chance to try them out.

And WHAT a difference. The tiniest amount of paste (often less than 0.25 of a tsp) stirred into the batters produced a wonderfully vibrant colour. (Slightly terrifyingly vibrant in some cases – I was worried that people wouldn’t actually want to eat the ca

Check out the colours left on the baking parchment!

ke as it looked so artificial – but they did!)


Look at the contrast between the cake made with regular supermarket colourings (L) and the Sugarflair pastes (R)

I’m excited by the prospect of many bright cakes, icings etc.! Here are some photos of the process, and also one of the contrast between last year’s cake, using regular

supermarket purchased food colourings (where I had a use a large quantity to even achieve the slightly muted colours) and this year’s vibrant success! The colours I used were: Christmas Red, Tangerine, Melon, Mint Green, Baby Blue and Lilac.

I can bake a rainbow…

I love colour. And I love baking. A couple of years back I decided that making rainbow cupcakes would be an excellent use of an evening. And it was. I used a regular cupcake recipe, then divided the batter in to 6 ramekins. (Yes, I know there are 7 colours in the rainbow strictly speaking). Using food colouring I dyed each tiny pot of batter a different colour of the rainbow. Then I set about filling the cupcake cases. A tiny amount of purple in the bottom of each case, put in and spread using a teaspoon. Then a tiny amount of blue, applied even more carefully so it doesn’t mix with the purple. Then green, then yellow, then orange and then red.

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