Whisky Advent Calendar 14: Smokehead

Another day, another specifically smoky whisky. This one’s called the Smokehead, which I recognise because I was given it as part of a set a couple of years ago and I have still yet to drink it.

Once again, as predicted, it is rather a pale whisky; why, I’m not sure, despite a brief attempt at Googling it.

On the nose, the smoke is not overly harsh. It has a butterscotch undertone, and some interesting brown sugar notes, but the smoke is definitely there, and it’s the main flavour. It would be difficult not to notice the smoke on tasting it either; frankly, though this is the most balanced of the heavily smoked whiskies, I’m tiring somewhat of the ‘craft smoke’ whiskies. 7/10.

BBQ champ – the introduction

Well, lots of you know that I am a huge fan of grilling. Recently I got into it through visiting some North American relatives who had a book which put grilling beyond the open fire blackening of sausages and meats.

I’ve been taking it seriously for a couple of years now, and am a proud owner of a Weber MasterTouch 57cm and a Weber Smokey Mountain 47cm. I’ve also been frequent viewer of YouTube videos of barbecue and smoking technique, and a member of the British Barbecue Society forum. In fact, there I saw a form inviting applications to this new show revolving around barbecuing, and I briefly considered it before deciding that I didn’t have time this summer. Plus, I had no idea what it would be like!

But I can’t resist commenting on it as I watch it, so starting tonight, I’m going to be watching it, watching it on repeat, and then giving my thoughts.

Happy grilling!