Craft beer advent calendar 12: Wintery Wonder Ale

I like the look of this ale, even if it annoys me slightly that they didn’t call it “Winter Wonder Ale” (perhaps there was a copyright infringement to worry about). It evokes the feel and look of something a bit old school and looking at it, it does look like a heavy duty, warming ale to have on a cold winter’s eve.

Well, it’s 2 degrees outside as I write this, so it’s time to try out this 3.8% ale. It’s very, very dark, almost like a porter (am I using that word right?) or certainly similar to a stout – it even has a slightly thick feel to it.

It’s rich and malty on the nose, and promises a bit of wintery-spice (or maybe it’s just good marketing); and the first sip makes me think of stout again. It’s heavy and nice, and does make a good winter’s evening drink. I give it an even 7 (again).

Kat’s thoughts

Wow, it’s very dark. [Long pause with various faces] Like the last one, it doesn’t have a fruity taste, but I can’t work out what taste it has. I don’t like this one either.