Three simple kitchen gadgets that have improved my life

At the risk of sounding incompetent, lazy and paranoid (although I am, in fact, all of those things) I would like to share with you 3 simple kitchen gadgets that have improved my life.

In third place:

The Rice Cooker

No more over-cooked or undercooked rice; no more soggy or dry rice. We have a small 2 person rice cooker which makes cooking rice a breeze. I’d used them in the past when cooking for large quantities, but it’s just as effective for 1 or 2. Make sure you rinse and soak and rinse and soak and rinse and soak and rinse the rice well before hand for the ultimate rice experience.

Coming in at number 2:

The Tea Tongs


So simple, yet so effective. No more burnt fingers (come on, we’ve all done it – taken the tea bag out with our fingers. trying to grab that little bit that’s floating up above the surface, only to have the bag keep sinking under the hot tea. Why am I so lazy as to not just go and get a tea spoon?!); or having to squeeze the tea bag between the cup edge and back of the tea spoon; or dripping tea across the floor as you carry the tea bag to the bin. Not with these nifty little tea tongs. Simply use them to pick up the tea bag, squeeze it out and then carry it to the bin. I know it might sound a bit ridiculous. I thought it was at first, but I am thoroughly converted.

And, in first place:

The Meat Thermometer



After years of dry chicken and chewy pork; overly cooked sausages and other unidentifiable meat; all driven by an irrational paranoia of poisoning my friends, we got a meat thermometer. Such a simple little device and what a difference it’s made! Now, instead of waiting until the juices definitely run clear; and there is no hint of pink; and the meat is therefore rather dry, I just pop in the thermometer and check the temperature. Once it’s hit the right temperature (generally about 74 degrees C – but look this up – it varies from meat to meat) in the middle it’s ready. And the result is much tastier, less dry and much better meat, which isn’t going to cause me to lose sleep, wondering if I might have poisoned people.