The Explorers

Lionel has been on the search for good food for a long time. He particularly likes barbecues, whisky, and food that has been prepared with a good amount of thought. He’s half Japanese and half German, but has lived in the UK for most of his life and if he had a choice he’d probably be Italian.

Katherine is a baker. She likes to make industrial quantities of brownies, and has put food colouring to amazing/horrifying effect in some of her cakes. She does not believe it is possible to have too much baking paraphernalia.

Cliff has cycled around the world and has therefore had a year and a half’s experience of food on the go, and in many different cultures. He’s also excellent at whipping something up last minute. He has won an award for best vegan cake in a local baking competition. He absolutely loves stottie, and owns two pizza stones.

Jeremy lives in Scotland, but is originally from Yorkshire. He and Lionel have share a love of good single malt whisky, but Jeremy equally loves his cooking and has an unparalleled collection of teas.

Jo is another baker with multiple awards at local baking competitions to her name. She also loves her tea, and vegetables.

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